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Family Law


As the law currently stands, in order to obtain a divorce you need to be able to prove to the Court that your marriage has irretrievably broken down as a result of
- the other party's adultery
- the other party's behaviour - which you find to be unreasonable
- the other party's desertion for more than 2 years
- the other party consenting to the divorce after 2 years separation
- 5 years separation

Property and Assets

We specialize in advising on the appropriate division of the family assets on divorce. This will include consideration of the equity in the former matrimonial home, savings and endowment policies; whether claims can be made against the pension which either party has and continuing financial support for the spouse who will look after the children. We try to achieve solutions without stressful court proceedings, but we will use the courts to protect you if necessary.

Children Issues

Unfortunately when there are children in the family, disputes can arise both as to where the children should live (residence), and also over the frequency that they should see or stay with the other parent (contact). If appropriate we will refer you to family mediation services to help you to resolve these disputes as quickly as possible. Where parents are unable to reach agreement we can help you to make an application to the courts so that the decision can be made independently.

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